Version: 3.2.15

Viessmann Binding

This binding connects Viessmann Heating via the new Viessmann API. It provides features like the ViCare-App.

Note / Important

You have to register your ViCare Account at the Viessmann developer portal and create a Client ID.

(*) If your openHAB system is running on a different port than 8080, you have to change this in the Redirect URI


On the Viessmann developer portal you can add more than one RedirectURI by tapping the plus sign.

Supported Things

The binding supports the following thing types:


Discovery is supported for all devices connected in your account.

Binding Configuration

The bridge thing supports the connection to the Viessmann API.

(*) Used to calculate refresh time in seconds. (**) If set to 0, then the interval will be calculated by the binding.

Thing Configuration

All configurations are made in the UI



channel type RO/RW description
countApiCalls Number RO How often the API is called this day
errorIsActive Switch RO Indicates whether the error is set / unset
lastErrorMessage String RO Last error message from the installation
runQueryOnce Switch W Run device query once
runErrorQueryOnce Switch W Run error query once


There are many different channels. The channels are automatically generated for all available features.

Breaking changes

Version 2.3.10

All channels on device - thing needs to be recreated to support Units Of Measurement. This happens automatically.

The item type of each item has to be adjusted:

unit old item type new item type
hour, minutes,... Number Number:Time
percent Number Number:Dimensionless
temperature Number Number:Temperature