Version: 3.2.12

Notifications for Fire TV Binding

The Notifications for Fire TV Binding provides support for sending notifications to a Fire TV from rule. To use the binding it is necessary to install the free app Notifications for Fire TV by Christian Fees on the Fire TV. The app is available on the Amazon app store by searching for the name.

Supported Things

There is only one thing: notification which represents a Fire TV.

Thing Configuration

There is only one mandatory parameter hostname.

The hostname must be an valid IP address or a FQDN.

The other parameters are optional but recommended.

The tile parameter may be the sender of the notification. The duration defines how long the notifications stay on the screen. The position is used to set the location of the notification on the screen. The transparency set the alpha channel of the notification background. The offsetX changes the x (horizontal) coordinate of the notification relative to the position. The offsetY changes the y (vertical) coordinate of the notification relative to the position. The force parameter can instruct the Fire TV to show the notification in any case.


There are no channels for the notification thing.

Rule Action

This binding includes rule actions for sending notifications to a Fire TV. Two different actions available:

The sendNotification(...) actions send a notification with icon (with image if supplied) to the Fire TV.

The function returns a boolean as the result of the operation.

icon and image must be a valid path to an image in png format. icon should be a small icon which shows the topic of the notification. image can be a larger image like a picture captured from a camera.

Please note: All strings are expected to be UTF-8 encoded. Using different character sets may produce unwanted results.

Examples (Rules DSL):

val notificationsForFireTVActions = getActions("notificationsforfiretv","notificationsforfiretv:notification:1")
var boolean success = notificationsForFireTVActions.sendNotification("This is the notification content.", "/path/to/icon.png")
val notificationsForFireTVActions = getActions("notificationsforfiretv","notificationsforfiretv:notification:1")
var success = notificationsForFireTVActions.sendNotificationWithImage("This is the notification content.", "/path/to/icon.png", "/path/to/image.png")