Version: 3.1.8

Viessmann Binding

This binding connects Viessmann Heatings via the new Viessmann API. It provides features like the ViCare-App.

Note / Important

You have to register your ViCare Account at the Viessmann developer portal and create an API Key (Client ID).

Supported Things

The binding supports the following thing types:


Discovery is supported for all devices connected in your account.

Binding Configuration

The bridge thing supports the connection to the Viessmann API.

(*) Used to calcuate refresh time in seconds. (**) If set to 0, then the interval will be calculated by the binding.

Thing Configuration

All configurations are made in the UI



channel type RO/RW description
countApiCalls Number RO How often the API is called this day


There are many different channels. The channels are automatically generated for all available features.